Customer information management

as one of your staffs!

Fashion stores, clinics, beauty and hair salons are using Karte.
Staffs are able to see customer information, point history,
and staff comments on their PC/tablet and approach their blue-chip customers.

Outline of system and service

You don't need to have a professional CRM
manager, but your staffs can do the CRM on tablet or PC!

Are you taking notes to remember your customers? Karte will become your note, CRM, and your
tool for adding/deducting points at the same time.

"Points for visiting your store"
"Points for referring friends"

Use Karte as a point card terminal.
Award points for purchasing, visiting, referring, birthday and so on.

You can see the analytics and recommendations.

Analytics results based on customers purchase history help you
know your bestselling products and frequently bought together products and many more.


Function/service list

Card Read card barcode
See members information Fist visit, last visit, and membership rank etc.
Add/deduct points Point for certain purchase amount
Reward bonus points Bonus points for visit, rainy day visit, and birthday etc.
Loyalty point balance Display some of the analytics results on your Karte screen
See purchase history Past purchase history *POS integration required
Enter a comment Staff can leave a comment on each customer's account
See prevous comments Display other staff's comments as well
See the sent email newsletters Integrate with mail delivery
See recommendation Integrate with customer data analytics
Sales and products registration Integrate with master data
Customize Flexible customization

Case studies

  • Know customers purchase history
    and their preferences.

    Check out staff comments and customer's purchase history then you will know what to recommend.

  • Build up charismatic
    salesclerk skill

    See other charismatic staffs' comments and learn from each other. Also, find out your customer satisfaction and claims from the text analytics.

  • Use your tablet/PC instead
    of a point card terminal

    You can use Karte on any of your PC or tablet, and if you want you can connect a barcode scanner with it.

  • Proprietary loyalty system

    Even if your business is in a department store, which has its loyalty program, you can still have your own and have full control over your data and insights.

Customer information management / Karte

Use via the internet (ASP/SaaS)

Providing SaaS/ASP enables you to implement the system very fast via the internet.

Use your PC or tablet

No need to change your current POS, or buy new point card terminals.

Automatic integration
(POS data, Customer information, Analytics result, Email data)

Integrate your customer information, POS, online store, members page, registration, recommendation,
and email newsletter.


Customized design for your business