Our Vision

Opening up a future where people and society are connected through technology.

Our Mission

We will create time that customers can use meaningfully 24 hours a day.

  • for that
  • We strive to recognize your needs.
  • We use IT technology to shape our needs.
  • We create designs that are even easier to use.
  • We incorporate ideas into it that encourage continuous use.
  • We maintain and operate responsibly with our colleagues.


菊池社長Everything in our life changes, such as society, lifestyle, and business environment etc. The speed of these changes is getting increasingly fast based on the development of communication infrastructure and information technology. CREANSMAERD is feeling the change with excitement and using IT in order to gather customers and flourish our clients business. This is our company value as a provider of systems and services.

As Santa Clause fulfills kids dreams, CREANSMAERD, our company goal is to provide systems and services, which make people gather and be satisfied, and to build better connection between our clients and their customers. I hope these goals will contribute to develop "Affluent and vibrant society" which is our company mission as well.

The main asset to accomplish our mission is "Human resource". Therefore we keen mainly on employees and IT service improvement and want to develop as a best partner of our clients.

Management philosophy

Create a valuable system and management which has virtue and wisdom in it to create "Affluent society with full of energy".

Company policy

  • Put the customers in the first place and make lots of effort for customers satisfaction.
  • Throw away our arrogance and be cooperative and stand together for the company development during even the tough times.
  • Maintain our health and contribute to the work with healthy mind.
  • Work for our clients' benefit and their development, and build our prosperous life.

Codes of conduct of CREANSMAERD

1.'Wagan aigo'
Attract customers with bright and cheerful personality and be encouraged from customers' smile.
2.'Doryoku shojin'
Do not satisfy from the current situation, but put flesh on the fundamental bases and work on your self improvement.
3.'Dokuritsu doppo'
Do not do the same things as others, but try to meet the needs of clients and make your own technique.
4.'Sekinin jikaku'
Do not shift your responsibility onto others. Stretch the interpretation of your responsibility range and fulfill your duty.
5.'Kufu hatten'
If you put so much effort into your work but there is no result, there is a mistake that you need to fix and improve.
6.'Chiryoku sokko'
Power of organization development is intelligence and speed. Be the organization which considers studying and working speed seriously.
7.'Muryoku senshin'
In order to lead the generation, we have to see the needs ahead of time and have indomitable spirit and work ahead of others.
8.'Kyoryoku bunpuku'
In order to move forward as an organization, we have to set the same goal which will lead us all together and develop. Then we should devote all know-hows we know to reach our goal.
9.'Shijo hoon'
Be thankful for this society's blessings and show our contribution and form an organization which has responsibility.
10.'Joho Kakushin'
Innovation develops when it grasps precondition of social adjustment and truth, and take a hold of prosperity.

Company profile

(English name :CREANSMAERD CO.,LTD.)
Headquarters 198-0042
Shimizu Building 5F, Higashiome 1-7-7, Ome, Tokyo, Japan〔map
+81 428-23-3120
Sales Department
Online Conference Room
Nagaoka Building 1F, Choenji, Ichigaya, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan〔map
+81 3-5225-0558
The Philippines (Cebu Island)
Global expansion office
17 F i3 Building Serviced Offices, J M Del Mar St. , Cebu IT Park, Cebu City
Representative Mr. Kazuo Kikuchi, CEO
Establishment December 12, 1985
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Number of employees 50 people
Main clients
  • Adidas Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Agnes b. Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Aeon Entertainment Corporation
  • Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation
  • M3 Corporation
  • Kakaku.com Inc.
  • KDDI Corp.
  • KDDI Financial Service Corporation
  • Godiva Japan, Inc.
  • Cyber Agent Inc.
  • CCC Marketing Co., Ltd.
  • JA Doutou Asahi Co., Ltd. 
  • JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC
  • Shiseido Co., Ltd.
  • ANA Trading Co., Ltd.
  • SoftBank Mobile Corporation
  • TOSHIBA Tec Corporation
  • NIHONKAI GAS Co., Ltd.
  • Terrada warehouse Company
  • At Home Co.,Ltd.
  • Q'sai Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
  • Panasonic Healthcare Corporation.
  • hi Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
  • Flandre Co., Ltd.
  • Benetton JAPAN Co., Ltd.
  • Matsui Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Others
Major shareholders
  • Sammy Networks Co.,Ltd.
  • Daikokuya Corporation

Organization Chart

    • President
    • The board of directors
    • Internal auditor
    • Sales group 1
    • Sales group 2
    • Privileged service group
    • Development department
      • Advanced development group
      • Development group 1
      • Development group 2
      • Development group 3
    • Innovation department
      • System development group
      • Digital marketing group
    • Web marketing group
    • Cloud strategy group
    • Management department
      • Management group
      • Accounting group
    • Creansmaerd Philippine




Shimizu Building 5F, Higashiome 1-7-7, Ome, Tokyo, Japan
+81 428-23-3120

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Ichigaya Business Office

Nagaoka Building 1F, Choenji, Ichigaya, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
+81 3-5225-0558

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